Enter your current Series 800 product code:
The 808 / 847 / 809 / 849 model code consists of 7 hardware fields - F1 through F7 plus a Non-Standard field - F99.

It follows the format:

There is, usually, also a configuration field which consists of 7 more single characters contained within parentheses, however this can be left blank
From the drop-down list boxes below select both the hardware and (if necessary) configuration options from your current 800 Series instrument. When done, press the Convert button to see the compatible Eurotherm 32x8 or 3508 product code and generate a request for quotation.

Base Model Code and Output 1 Type
/ /

Output 2 Type and Alarm Type. Note: Output 2 Type MUST BE NO for 809/849
/ /

Communications, Input Adapter for Linear Inputs and Other Options
/ / /

Enter any Non-Standards numbers e.g. @AC1784

Configuration Coding (contained in parentheses) e.g. AJHC135

If you have any questions or concerns during this process, please contact Eurotherm Technical Support at 703-669-1313.