Graduate Projects

We include examples of the type of projects that might be undertaken while at Eurotherm. They are intended to give you an idea of our current topics of interest. It does not follow that they will be offered exactly as written.

As a leader in its sector, Eurotherm is committed to providing its customers with high value products. Eurotherm R&D constantly evaluates new technologies, and their application to our chosen markets.

During the past few years, Eurotherm has helped pioneer the use of Java, Ethernet and Web and XML technologies in industrial control. Ongoing R&D projects continue to build on these foundations, while newer developments such as RFID and wireless networking are in active use or under continuous review.

As a leader in precision electronics within industrial control markets, Eurotherm also values engineers with an interest in analogue and/or digital electronics.

Product design expertise is another key requirement in an organisation such as Eurotherm: we welcome applications from any creative student with a flair for this important discipline.

Eurotherm encourages students to apply for industrial placements, in many cases accommodating the requirements of their degree course.


Project Outlines

The Project outlines are intended as an indication of the type of opportunities available here at Eurotherm. They give a flavour of the technologies we are using, or thinking of using, and some of the problems we are trying to solve.

This list changes regularly (every 3 months or so) for a variety of reasons: the project may have been completed, availability of new technologies, or changed market needs.

Students normally work within a product team, although the assigned project will be a self-contained development with its own goals and sense of achievement.

Software Projects

Electronics Hardware Projects

Multimedia Projects

Design Projects

You may like to look at stories from students who have undertaken projects at Eurotherm. We also have a longer list of previous projects.



Eurotherm offers a competitive remuneration package, as well as a 4.5 day working week (the weekend starts Friday lunchtime). We can also help with finding suitable accommodation, as required.

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Out of Hours

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