Reproducible batch-to-batch performance

David Jordan from Profile Automation sent in the details of their tablet coating machine, which uses T2550 and Eycon products.

Profile Automation has a long history of working with the pharmaceutical industry and has drawn on the experience of many of the industry’s most respected film coating specialists to create a laboratory scale side-vented coater – the Pilot XT.

The unit is capable of coating small-scale batches of tablets with realistic compaction profiles and good scale-up capability.

Accurate process parameter control was fundamental in of the design of the Pilot XT in order to facilitate reproducible batch-to-batch performance. The exceptional control of critical process parameters has been achieved by the use of a Eurotherm custom tuned 2550 controller and an Eycon 10 touch screen display. The system was developed in July 2007 and has been sold throughout Europe including Greece, Spain, France and the United Kingdom.

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