Processing advanced heatingcurves with Eurotherm

Daan Visser from Wizzo sent in an example of Eurotherm controllers being used in furnace control applications.

Wizzo use Eurotherm PID controllers to execute advanced heating curves, a graphical interface based on LabVIEW is often the wish of our clients. Wizzo has, in the past years, developed many software applications in projects with Eurotherm controllers.

With these software applications the user is able to have full control from a Windows desktop environment. Not only can the controller be fully controlled, the process values of the Eurotherm controller can be read out and logged into a file.

The combination of Eurotherm and LabVIEW is a strong tool Wizzo developers often use. The standalone controller and the graphical possibilities of LabVIEW is a successful pair for a wide range of applications.

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