Four Machine Control Innovations Announced

Four new Eurotherm Machine Control Innovations, designed for simplicity, high performance, flexibility and lifetime value, were released in September 2013 at the ASM Heat Treat Show, Indianapolis.

They were the EPack™ SCR Compact Power Controller, the Versadac™ Scalable Data Recorder, the Optivis™ HMI Operator Panel and the family of OmniSlim Signal Conditioners.

A compact, versatile power controller

Designed to be the perfect replacement for aging contactors, solid state relays (SSRs) and silicon control rectifiers (SCRs), the EPack Compact SCR Power Controller is easy to use and offers many advanced features not found in standard SCR power controllers. Its compact size — 2.01” wide x 4.76” high (51 x 121 mm) — and the ability to mount side-by-side, make the EPack controller easy to retrofit into existing installations. Three distinct configuration methods are available — including factory and field based — and visual alarm messages can be customized with multiple severity settings. The EPack controller’s ability to select a single firing mode or combination of firing modes allows for close matching to load characteristics, which improves process precision and repeatability. Its ability to measure voltage, current and power can provide energy consumption information. These features all allow for the unit to be setup to maximize the life of the load device, typically the heater elements, and minimize process downtime.

A scalable data recorder

The unique scalability of the new Versadac data recorder ensures that users pay only for the recording capacity they need. The base is expandable from 0-way, which involves digital communications only and is suitable for PLC connection, to a full 16-way base populated with I/O modules. The Versadac data recorder provides superior data security with multiple administration features to assign individual user IDs and passwords and to audit all actions and events. Electronic signatures and password control functionality that meets the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11 are also available. A store-and-forward self-healing extension service ensures archives are complete even after a loss in communications. Data can be accessed on any web-enabled device and used to generate preconfigured or custom designed reports. Multiple alerts provide updates on process status, which speeds issue identification.

An enhanced HMI operator panel

The Optivis HMI Operator Panel provides simplified development tools, a clear, touch-screen display, and improved information access, which could change the way human machine interfaces for machine control are developed. The familiar Windows environment and pre-designed styles give applications a consistent look and feel and speed HMI development. Comprehensive built-in HMI functionality such as recipes, trends, schedulers and audit trails, enable efficient and safe application operations. Users can access panel information remotely via the web browser, connect to PLC or business planning systems and distribute alarms to printers, mobile phones, email or other operator panels.

New family of advanced signal conditioners

The OmniSlim family of advanced capability signal conditioners provides users many options to select the best signal conditioner for their process. All models are compact, easy-to-install, and high performing. Users will enjoy fast and easy configuration of factory calibrated measurement ranges via easy-to-use DIP-switches. Top-end electrical specifications drive high speed and accuracy with response times typically less than 5 ms. These robust units work well within a wide temperature range (-25° to +70°C) and deliver excellent signal/noise ratios.

All four of these new solutions are durable, flexible, and upgradable, designed to lower overall cost of ownership. Simplified installation, configuration and operation saves resources and reduces inventory costs. Ability to add functionality or software upgrades as needed reduces obsolescence.

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