Blow Moulding with the Breeze IIc

Designed for the Plastics industry

The  latest in Parison Only control in a New, Reduced Price Package of approx $7,880 USD.

The MACO Breeze IIc parison only control provides high performance wall thickness control. This standalone unit is based on the MACO Compact control system, and includes a Compact parison board and Compact touch screen display in a chassis only slightly deeper than an Optima PC, eliminating the need for a separate controller enclosure!

The Breeze IIc can be specified on a new machine or added as a retrofit to a wide variety of machines to provide consistent wall thickness for improved product quality, less material consumption and reduced scrap.

Specify the type of machine and the unit will be factory programmed for that type of machine.

The 100 point parison profile is displayed graphically on a large display, which allows the profile to be quickly modified and compared to the actual process value. The entered profiles can then be stored internally or on removable USB memory sticks. Parison tooling position is updated every 0.1 milliseconds to minimize material usage and improve part quality.


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Breeze IIc 2
Breeze IIc


  • Pre-configured for Common Machines (Time or Position)

  • 100 Point Parison Profile

  • 100 Point Velocity Pushout Control

  • Graphically Enter and Display the Parison Profile

  • Actual Tooling Performance versus Entered Profile Displayed

  • Separate Weight and Die Gap Settings

  • Very High Speed Loop Closure - 0.1ms

  • Multiple Security Levels

  • Large Color Touch Screen

  • Store Parison Setups to Internal Memory or USB Sticks

  • Common Boards with the MACO Compact Controller


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