Drives and Soft Starters 

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imagine a drive so clever it's simple ...

AC Drives

A wide range of Variable Frequency Drives with output power ratings from 0.18kW (0.25HP) up to 2100kW (2800HP) »


Drives Software

Almost every AC-Drive, DC-Drive and Soft Starter can be commissioned and configured by software, supplied free of charge, that can be downloaded from our website »

DC Drives

Analog/Digital, 2-/4-Quadrant, Variable Speed DC-Drives with internal field controller and universal speed feedback inputs. Armature Current ratings from 3.4Amp up to 2250Amp » 

Soft Starters

A complete range of micro-processor based Soft Starters with Output Power Ratings from 1.1kW/1.5HP up to 1850kW/2500HP with standard internal By-Pass Relay »

Over the last 40 years, Eurotherm has built up a reputation as a global Drives supplier with sophisticated products that have been supplied to satisfied customers all over the world for use in all kinds of applications and various markets.


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